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Black Seed Oil

100% PURE & NATURAL Black Seed Oil!

Arlene's Home Store is pleased to offer our customer's pure, virgin, unrefined, cold pressed Black Seed Oil aka Black Cumin Oil. Scientific Name: Nigella Sativa. Black Seed produces one of the healthiest oils on Earth. The prophet Muhammad was quoted as proclaiming “Black Seed cures everything but death.” Black Seed contains a myriad of antioxidants, anti inflammatory, anti-cancer, pain relieving, and antibacterial substances.

About Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil is also known as black cumin seed oil, black coriander oil, or simply black oil. You may know Black Seeds from a variety of different names, depending on which part of the world you’re in. Here are a few of the more popular one’s: Kalonji Oil Black, Cumin Seed Oil, Nigella Seeds, Habbatus Sauda, Graine De Nigelle, Black Onion Seeds and Schwarzkummel It comes from the Nigella Sativa plant, which is native to India, the Middle East, and North Africa, as well as South Asia. The cold-pressed oil is pure, virgin, and unrefined.

If you are looking for a remedy for aches, pains, or other ailments, our black seed oil may help. It contains antioxidants and antibacterial substances and is shown to be anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and pain-relieving. Its active component, Thymoquinone is a central factor in the activation of our immune system. Thymoquinone, an active component of Black Seed Oil, is a central factor in the activation of our immune system. Black Seed Oil contains nearly one hundred beneficial ingredients, including essential amino acids, omega-3, Vitamin A (retinoids). The main active ingredient in Black Seed Oil is crystalline nigellone, it also contains beta sitosterol, thymoquinone, myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, proteins and vitamins B1, B2 and B3 and many more.

List of 101 Black Seed Oil Benefits & Remedies:

1. Promotes Heart Health
2. Fights Fungal Infections
3. Reduces Allergies (Sinus Infections)
4. Good for Your Skin
5. Efficient Skin Cancer Treatment (Melanoma)
6. Black Seed Oil for Acne
7. Infection Killer
8. Boosts Fertility
9. Good for Your Hair
10. Reduces Flu’s and Fevers
11. Cures Boils and Carbuncles
12. Treat Coughs and Asthma
13. Black Seed Oil for Diarrhea
14. Reduces High Blood Pressure
15. Helps Eliminate Insomnia
16. Prevents Muscle Cramps and Spasms
17. Relieves Nausea and Upset Stomach
18. Treats Toothaches
19. Kills Leukemia Cells
20. Inhibits Breast Cancer
21. Suppresses and Kills Colon Cancer Cells
22. Cures Psoriasis
23. Treats Eczema
24. Aids in Weight Loss
25. Prevents Diabetes
26. Black Seed Oil for Seizures (Epilepsy)
27. Relieves Tonsil Inflammation (Acute Tonsillopharyngitis)
28. Efficient MRSA Treatment
29. Opiate Addiction Treatment
30. Black Seed Oil for Scars
31. Suppresses Cervical Cancer
32. Prevents Radiation Damage
33. Prevents & Heals Lead Poisoning
34. Improves Beard Growth
35. Treats Bee and Wasp Stings

36. Helps with Chest Congestion
37. Treats Earaches
38. Effective for Eye Diseases
and Vision
39. Cures Facial Paralysis
40. Heals Nasal Congestion
41. Removes Gallstones
42. Suppress Liver Stones
43. Help with Gas and Flatulence
44. Treats Hemorrhoids
45. Relieves Headaches and Migraines
46. Boosts Immunity
47. Aids in Breast Feeding
and Lactation
48. Improves Memory (Dementia)
49. Treats Moles
50. Relieves Insect Bites
51. Heals Peeling Lips
52. Constipation
53. Comforts Back and Muscle Pain
54. Cures Rheumatic Pains
55. Helps with Stomach Pain
56. Alleviates Gum Infections
57. Suppresses Bladder Infections
58. Improves Dry Mouth
59. Treats Nose Bleeds
60. Rejuvenates Burns
61. Dandruff
62. Joint Pain
63. Prevents Kidney Damage Associated with Diabetes
64. Regulates Menstrual Cycles (Periods)
65. Black Seed Oil for Pregnancy
66. Alleviates Arthritis
67. Treats Ulcers
68. Reduce the Need for Pain Killers

69. Kills Brain Cancer Cells
70. Lowers Anxiety
71. Helps with Depression
72. Removes Dizziness
73. Treats Heart Burn
74. Relieves Stress
75. Prevents & Treats Alzheimer’s
76. Meningitis
77. Promotes Kidney Health
78. Improves Sperm Count
79. Promotes Healthy Bone Marrow Growth
80. Treats HIV
81. Natural Remedy for Colic (for babies)
82. Suppresses Bronchitis
83. Repairs Prostate Problems
84. General Weakness (lethargy)
85. Removes Chronic Fatigue
86. Stimulates Urine Production
87. Protects Against Damage from a Heart Attack
88. Helps with Morphine Dependence/Toxicity
89. Prevents Anemia
90. Protects Brain Damage from Parkinson’s Disease
91. Cleanses Parasites
92. Treats Obesity
93. Kills Oral Cancer Cells
94. Suppresses Liver Cancer Growth
95. Promotes Liver Health
96. Remedies Pancreatic Cancer
97. Treats Lymphoma
98. Detoxifies Body
99. Treats Bone Cancer
100. Deep Cleans Pores
101. Treats Schizophrenia

Active Ingredients

Our black seed oil has about 100 ingredients, including essential amino acids, omega-3, and Vitamin A. The active ingredient is crystalline nigellone.


It also contains:

• Beta Sitosterol
• Myristic Acid
• Linoleic Acid
• Vitamins B1, B2 & B3
• Palmitic Acid 
• Stearic Acid
• Arachidonic Acid
• Palmitoleic Acid
• Oleic Acid
• Proteins

Nigella sativa

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