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 At Arlene's Home Store in Houston, Texas, we love sourcing the best furniture and home goods product around for our customers, and it seems that our attention to detail and commitment to quality are paying off. Here's what they have to say about us:

"I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Arlene K. Parris and Arlene's Home Store. I am pleased to note my satisfaction with the standard of service and quality of merchandise, offered to myself, my employees and my clients; when shopping at Arlene's Home Store. This company has extremely high integrity and strong traditional values when it comes to providing the utmost level of customer satisfaction. I have known Arlene K. Parris for more than 2 years and she has always shown how passionate she is about her business and her customers by delivering a high level professional customer service. Which reflect in her company's dynamic. Also, I will like to commend, that the vision of Arlene's Home Store is to establish long-term customer focused relationship where honestly, enthusiasm and integrity are paramount. The experience and understanding of her marketing plans will help her exceed her customer's and her business expectations. Arlene believes in an open and honest relationship with her customers and I always look forward to our future business interactions."
— Mrs. Asmite M.

"Everest Institute Hobby Campus is pleased to say that the shopping experience at Arlene's Home Store has nothing less than extraordinary. Ms. Arlene is always friendly, professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable about the products she sells. Her knowledge of her products and how they can help the individual is remarkable. When we recommend our students to Arlene's Home Store, they always come back saying that the customer service is impeccable. Everest Institute Hobby Campus has been working with Arlene's Home Store for over a year. Our campus has greatly benefited from the high quality of service that this store gives to our students and employees and this is why we have continued our relationship with Arlene's Home Store. Ms. Arlene is currently working with our organization to help change the lives of the citizens of our community. Her collaboration with Everest Institute Hobby Campus has been an inspiration to our students and the community. Ms. Arlene has made it possible for our organization to expand its reach by allowing us to advertise our programs at her store. Ms. Arlene's dedication to the community and helping people feel better has been proven time and time again. Ms. Arlene is truly a treasure to our organization as well as the community. We are proud to be affiliated with Arlene's Home Store."
— Marilyn E.